Reflecting on the Blank Canvas of the New Year.

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Today, I stumbled upon some year-end playlists and found myself lost in memories. Music has always been my thing; I can't do anything without listening to it, and it reminded me of a childhood dream — to be a DJ 😂, like Marshmello, Skrillex, or even Paris Hilton. Sounds a bit wild, doesn't it? Especially since I can't sing and am completely out of tune. But I just love music!

This got me thinking about the dreams we all have but usually put aside, either by choice or as life takes its own path. Is it too late to do something about them? That's the thought that stuck with me as I listened to the beats and tunes.

In the background of those songs, I felt a connection to stories of dreams postponed and passions forgotten. The playlist made me wonder if we can bring those aspirations back, dust them off, and give them another shot.

As the year wraps up, a fresh start is around the corner, like a blank canvas waiting for us to paint our wishes. While my DJ dream might stay a bit out there, it brought out a common struggle — balancing the dreams of the past with today's reality.

So, is it too late to go after those old dreams? The answer is in the vibe of the upcoming year. It's a time to set goals, shake off the routine, and go after the things that once got us excited.

As the year wraps up, I promise to follow the beat of my own dreams, even if being a DJ feels like a stretch now. Goals might shift, but I'll always pay attention to what my heart is telling me.

As the music of the new year begins to play, let's crank up the volume, drown out the doubts that tell us it's too late or too impractical, and dance to our own aspirations. This year, and every year, it's never too late to pursue a dream and transform it into reality.

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