Surviving New York: What should be inside your everyday bag?

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New York is a brilliant place to live in but admittedly this city can also be brutal because of how fast-paced everyone and everything is. You should always be ready for what will be coming your way and have everything inside your tote in case something happens. 

Here are some must-haves in your bag to survive the concrete jungle: 

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Yes, with viruses still on the loose the last thing that you want is to be quarantined. Always have a hand sanitizer read to spritz or spray in your hand or whatever it is that you will be touching, especially in public places and transportation. 

This will also guarantee the safety of people who will be using or touching the stuff/ things after you. Hygiene and safety can never go out of style.

  • Hand cream

Our hands are if not the most, one of the most tired parts of our body. Giving your hands some TLC won’t hurt. Nothing is better than having your hand properly hydrated and moisturized when you shake someone’s hand or hold your partner’s hand after a long day. 

  • Moisturizers.

This includes a moisturizer for the lips, face, and skin. The air is puffy and dry in the city and lathering moisturizer will help keep your skin  healthy and younger-looking. Should we say more? 

  • Makeup kit

You’ll never know when there’s gonna be an emergency meeting or a sudden meet-up with your friends, it’s better to be prepared. Have touch-up essentials like lipstick, concealer, eyeliner, blush-on, and fresh mascara ready to be applied anytime and anywhere. New York is a bustling city but this is not an excuse for you not to look your best at any time of the day. 

 Compact umbrella

The weather is harsh and surprising so it will not hurt to have an umbrella ready. This is not only for the sudden rain but also provides UV protection from the sun. A compact umbrella will not take too much space to the point that you’ll almost forget it’s there. Being dry on rainy days guarantees higher chances of not catching a cold or fever especially during a pandemic.

Extra Pair of shoes

Yes, you need that extra pair. You’ll never know what you’ll get yourself into because New York is a fast-paced city and you will need all the essentials. Your feet will also appreciate it if you’ll change to something comfortable while you’re on your way home or when they hurt because you’re breaking in your new pair of pumps. It will only be a hassle if your bag isn’t big enough so make sure to get a tote that has ample space.


Everyone is on the go and having a handy laptop can help you get your job done anytime or anywhere. This is also great because you can go to places and calm yourself down when having writer’s block or clear your head for that newly assigned project from the office. Don’t forget to charge it or also bring the charger with you. 

Portable charger

Stay connected with everyone by having enough smartphone power. In case you forgot to plug it in the night before, it will be best to have a portable charger inside your travel tote. Stay charged and not miss out on anything at work and be updated with the latest news from your friends’ feed by having extra power at your disposal. 


  • Sunglasses

Yes, even Angelina Jolie always has a pair with her. Complete your look with an accessory that protects your eyes and conceals late-night dark circles or mascara mishaps. 

  • Snacks 

A snack a day can chase a bad day away. You might just be “hangry” and not that upset with your co-worker or someone who brushed past you on the train this morning. Having a treat can also be a reward or help you celebrate the little wins that day. Pack a compact snack and something that’s packed with energy to keep you going on a slow day or get you up during long hours of commuting or work. 

This mini pack of snacks can also be a treat to give a forlorn co-worker and or crying child on the street. Be that person who restores people’s faith in humanity. 

  • Book

Smart is always sexy. Having a book inside your tote is always a good idea because it can help you pass the time during traffic. Reading a book is also a great way to lessen your screen time which will be beneficial for your eyes and mind. Choose a book that’s paperback and travel-friendly because a hardbound book might be too heavy for your daily commute. Just remember to read in well-lit places and have a good coffee to go with it. 


This can be extremely useful if you have allergies because it’s almost a crime now to sneeze, cough, or clear your throat in public. It’s good to have this handy in case you need to wipe a tear, clear your nose, or simply clean your smudged eyeliner or lipstick. 

It’s handy to always have tissues because since everyone is in a hurry to get into the train or up the stairs, there’s a big chance to spill a drink or someone spilling their drink on you. More importantly, some bathrooms run out of toilet paper and it surely provides great relief knowing you have a pack available in your tote. 

Whew! That sure was a lot of things and with that, you should have a travel tote that can carry all of it. Your tote must be sturdy and large enough to fit everything in it. You should consider using an Italian leather bag for  its quality and capability to handle the weight. Plus, a good designer New York bag also looks great with any outfit and can pass as a good everyday travel tote bag. 

Everything can be purchased online and it’s best to go and purchase your designer bag from an established business and its official website. This will make sure that the designer bags are original and not knock-offs. It also offers a great promise of quality. 

There are a lot of online shops and websites out there but it will be best to go and shop at one that’s locally reachable because the products that they offer are relevant to your needs. 

We know and understand what your everyday life in New York is like and we have the perfect bag that fits all of your daily essentials! 

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