Baggage Encounter: What your bags have to say about you?

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When was the last time you took time and appreciate how bags became a big part of our life’s journey? Let us go down memory lane then—during one's preschool years are the times of cute little lunch boxes, probably with our favorite hero or cartoons and the like. As one learns to take a stroll down bigger hallways of the school premises—we welcome big trolly bags oh how fascinating it was to carry around such big bag bulks all throughout elementary. For the following years, life shifted to a new direction and in high school, people will realize the true value of convenience and functionality over anything else and by those times backpacks became our closest buddy. Simply, as we go on living our lives our priorities pivots in the new beginning eras of our life.

College, as most would say, is the closest to what the real world has to offer us in the future we are pursuing. Just like the new kid we always were, being thrown in the verge of the unknown is one of the scariest things in life. This chapter really is inevitable, and so this can be compared to a new chapter unfolding. To be young and laid down in life’s reality truly is a lot to take in. It is the phase and time where people start to explore and discover themselves more than they ever will for the past years—a time of self awareness, to be in search of their way of expression.

What else can be the greatest way to express oneself than to use the magic of art. It is in the broadest term to be under the spectrum of artistic expression, yet the idea is to be the most genuine to how we feel—art can be portrayed in writings, dances, singing, photography, and fashion. It is a timeless way of expression and in the subtle way of how someone dresses, accessories, and carries themselves is art.

The bag choices we make are born through the magic of art—it mirrors our personality and the way we live our lives. Binibini New York aims to provide the beauty of living out the power and beauty of art through their bags. Adhered to the genuine value of the Philippines’ traditional bayongs, is a modern take of classic art—aesthetically pleasing and functional. The rundown of bag evolution meets the contemporary times and sure enough, there is the right bag for you. Surely, as the famous saying goes—”get the bag” earn your way through the city dream and feel empowered. Bags can be our besties all along the way, as life goes on, our bags—we carry on

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