How to choose your everyday bag-to-be?

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If it’s meant to be, it will be. This may be true with a lot of things but not with designer bags. Our bags are more than just sacks that we carry around, these bags are our companions and allies in life. Designer bags are also an investment because they last for a long time with proper care. It also creates a lasting impression on the people that we meet daily. Ergo, purchasing the right one with proper thought and care is important. 

Here are some tips on how to choose your bag-to-be: 

Quality. Quality. Quality.

I cannot emphasize this enough: always consider the bag's quality. The bag will be an investment and you will be carrying it around with everything and you don’t want to have handles failing or the thread popping out after a month of use. It’s best to invest in designer bags that promise high-quality because a good bag comprises good design, sturdy material, and dependable hardware. A quality designer bag will also look best when you snap that OOTD selfie. 

 Consider comfort. 

Comfort doesn’t only mean it’s not heavy, the designer bag should also sit well on your shoulder. Quality designer bags will not in any way make you uncomfortable because it doesn't fit well in the shoulder or under the arm. Before purchasing the bag you should consider the all-over feel and weight. Since most of the purchases are done online, better check the catalog and look at how the bag was modeled. You can notice in the pictures how well the designer bags look on the model’s shoulder. If the models pose in a manner where they are not carrying the bag where we usually carry them, it may be a red flag.

  • Get leather.

Leather ages well. It will be best to have something that looks better as it grows older. Italian leather is more pliable and one of the softest types of leather too. It will be best to check if the designer bag is made out of Italian leather. This kind is a bit pricey because the process of making it takes days and this speaks tons about high-quality leather. Leather isn't as high-maintenance as others thought it would be. There are special oils that can be used to maintain the leather’s quality. The good thing about having Italian leather is that the wear and tear usually make the bag look more unique and classy as it ages. 

 Smooth zipper

An everyday bag means that you’ll be bringing it to almost  and it will be a great plus if the zipper works fine. It’s much of a hassle to always have your belongings falling or making a scene on the streets or train just because the zipper is not working well or broke off right away. Travel totes and larger bags should have zippers to keep the contents inside and to be kept safe while commuting.


Color isn’t the only variable that should be considered for a designer bag to be versatile. The design and all-over build of the bag should also be thought upon. When considering a designer bag to use in New York, you should first consider if the bag goes well with the color of your hair, eyes, and skin tone. Yes, you read that right. Outfits and styles are usually considered based on what will work with the color of your hair and eyes, the same goes with your bag. You will notice that there are certain colors and styles that you go for because it looks great with your skin tone, eyes, and hair. 

Neutral colors like black and nude work best with everything because they are not attention grabbers and can be paired with any style. Having a cherry-colored tote is the one to go for if you want a pop of color especially if you are a gal who likes wearing neutral tones. 

  • Minimalistic design

The minimalist trend is going to be here for the long haul. Simplicity is beauty. Minimalist designer bags work well with everything. These bags are not attention grabbers but complement well with clothes and accessories. Travel totes blend well with everything and do the job of carrying lots of stuff with great poise and grace. 

Less is more. You can go wearing great accessories or a nice hairdo and a minimalist designer bag will be your best ally because it will not take the limelight but will make you look classy. Minimalist designs are flexible and can be worn to make you look professional when you are in important meetings. It can also give you a relaxed and casual vibe when you are out on a quiet and Sunday stroll at the mall or park. 


New York is a busy city and a tote bag that does the job is very important for the everyday get-go. When considering a designer bag, you should also think about your lifestyle and what are the must-haves in your purse. A basic chick usually has an extra pair of shoes, at least one smartphone, a makeup bag , an umbrella, a laptop, a book, a wallet, and a bottle of water or a bag of snacks. Yes, you can’t sacrifice leaving any of these just to carry a designer bag that only fits your lipstick. It will be best to choose a travel tote bag that has a lot of compartments to get your stuff organized. 

  • Where to purchase?

Finally, the most important tip of all is to purchase the designer bag directly from legitimate businesses. Everything can be purchased online and it’s best to go and purchase your designer bag from an established business and its official website. This will make sure that the designer bags are original and not knock-offs. It also offers a great promise of quality. 

There are a lot of online shops and websites out there but it will be best to go and shop at one that’s locally reachable because the products that they offer are relevant to your needs. 

We know and understand what your everyday life in New York is like and we have the perfect bag that checks all the tick boxes for your everyday bag-to-be!


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