You are Meant for Compliment: An Appreciation of Individuality In Style

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Going about a day off and doing your errands, strolling through the aisles of the grocery store, and checking your grocery list; you always and, I mean always, never forget to get coffee and cream, pancakes and syrup, or bread and butter. All of which complement each other—as most would say the “perfect match” goods that are inseparable. For these simple things, we usually disregard we never see how much of these things make sense and that together they make the very best combination. Does the question remain as to whether the unusual still makes up a good complement too? Fries on top of a soft serve vanilla ice cream taste heavenly as well but, who would have thought it would even if they are a pair against the odds?

The only one who will be able to open themselves to the vast and limitless world is the one who goes out of their comfort zone and tries new things. There are no exact rules on how someone should live their life— you are you, all you have to do is stay true. Today, in celebration of National Say Something Nice Day, here are a few things you can try to compliment the next person you come across with:


When Someone Gets a New Haircut

“That is one thing I should try!”

Referred to as the crowning glory, getting a fresh haircut, a new color, or a simple trim is a bold thing to do. It is nice to acknowledge that they have done something different. They will surely appreciate it.

Photo Source: Anglea Colegado


When Someone Decides to Try a Unique Color

“You are a trendsetter!”

Not everyone has the guts to try to mix and match colors on what they wear. Going beyond the basic tones, shades, and hues of black, white, and everything in between is a massive style revolt! This indeed is where fashion trends are born. Recognizing this type of move is a feel-good moment for anyone.

Photo Source: Isaac Vegerano


When Someone Tries a Different Wardrobe Style 

“You sure can carry an outfit well!”

Stepping up the dressing game and switching up someone's style is one way to change. It is empowering to know that others take time to appreciate their new style. Make sure to tell them all the good things you have to say about it—boost their confidence!

Photo Source:
Kezia Gamboa ||


When Someone Shows a New Purchase

“That suits you best you deserve it!”

No one knows how long someone has been saving for those shoes, leather handbags, jewelry, etc., they bought. Do not let them feel bad for sharing it on social media—just let people be happy. They worked so hard to get it, be happy for other people’s achievements!

Photo Source: Angel Sebastian


It doesn't cost a dime to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. The world is already cruel. With hope, we should never forget the power of words. Embrace everyone's uniqueness and individuality. Rise above negativity and be the good in someone’s day!


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