A Lavender Adventure: Finding Peace and Calm in Calverton

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For years, the idea of visiting Lavender by the Bay in Calverton has been lingering in my mind. Finally, this weekend, the stars aligned, and my wish came true. It was the last opportunity to witness the magnificent lavender bloom this season, and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

Embarking on a two-hour journey from our New York City apartment, we braved the weekend traffic to reach the lavender haven. My expectations were high, reminiscent of my delightful experience at a lavender farm in Somerset, England, back in 2019. However, upon arrival, I discovered that the Lavender by the Bay offered a slightly different experience - no lavender infused tea and scones to be found. Nonetheless, the enchanting fragrance of lavender enveloped me, bringing a sense of peace and calm that only this captivating herb can provide.

Lavender has always been my go-to remedy whenever I feel overwhelmed. Whether it's lavender oil, lavender tea, or anything lavender-related, its soothing properties never fail to alleviate my stress.

We spent the afternoon strolling through the lavender fields, capturing picturesque moments with our cameras. Additionally, I had the opportunity to put my new woven pouch to the test. This detachable pouch, originally designed to accompany the TOTE-ALL™ bag, can also be used as a sling bag on its own. The best part? It's made from discarded textiles, making it an eco-friendly choice. I'm excited to share more about this innovative product in the coming months.

Of course, no visit to Lavender by the Bay would be complete without indulging in a little retail therapy. Their shops offered an array of lavender-infused products, and I couldn't resist treating myself. Among my purchases was a lavender-scented candle. Though it was a bit pricey, I'm convinced it's worth every penny, and I look forward to lighting it up every morning to start my day on the right note. I also stocked up on culinary lavender that can be use for tea or baking and French lavender essential oil, anticipating the relaxation it will bring to my evenings, lulling my restless mind into a peaceful slumber. And, how could I forget the lavender brownie? It certainly lived up to its lavender-infused promise, making it the perfect accompaniment to my morning lavender tea.

But the lavender adventure didn't end there. After bidding farewell to Lavender by the Bay, we drove just 25 minutes to a well-known ice cream shop called Magic Fountain. En route, we couldn't resist the allure of the local farmers' markets, where we snapped photos and purchased fresh, locally grown produce. Additionally, we made a pit stop at a nearby vineyard, further adding to the charm of our day.

Upon arriving at Magic Fountain, we were greeted with the promise of homemade ice cream. Little did I know that I was about to discover my new favorite ice cream shop. Choosing a scoop of rocky road and a scoop of the unmistakable lavender honey flavor, I was in dessert heaven. Admittedly, my sister didn't share the same enthusiasm for the lavender flavor, but for me, it was pure bliss. I've already decided that on my next visit, I'll be treating myself to a pint of lavender honey ice cream without hesitation.

This short getaway was a breath of fresh air for my spirit. As much as I adore the bustling city life, I'm reminded of the countless activities waiting to be explored just outside the city limits. Calverton proved to be a haven of tranquility, offering a chance to immerse myself in the beauty of lavender fields and indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Until the next adventure calls, I'll hold on to the serenity I found amidst the lavender blooms and cherish the memories of this blissful escape.


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