BINIBINI New York was founded by two sisters who needed a bag to hold it all – and look great doing it. 

Ely Mata, BINIBINI’s CEO & Founder, has been there. For every work trip, there was a different backpack, duffel, or (worst of all) a bunch of plastic bags to heft through airport security, schlep through a new city, carry into a meeting, and drag to a hotel room. Ely couldn’t find a bag that was durable, useful, and elegant – something that stored her stuff and complemented her outfit, rather than ruined it. 

The TOTE-ALL™ is Ely’s solution. 

With her sister Coco, BINIBINI’s Product and Marketing Lead, Ely sat down to design the perfect traveler’s tote. Together, they thought of everything: a padded laptop compartment, a hidden shoe slot, theft-proof compartments for your keys, wallet and phone, places for umbrellas and water bottles… all water-resistant and wipe-clean, so no worries about leaking bottles or a sweetgreen pickup. 

Ely Mata – CEO & Founder 

Before BINIBINI, Ely worked in the corporate events world and was constantly traveling – catching the subway, going to the airport, calling a cab. Long days and business trips to different cities meant she became an expert bag-packer, but could never find a bag to fit it all neatly, sensibly, and with style. 

Coco Mata – Product and Marketing Lead

Coco’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York meant she was the perfect person to get Ely’s ideas down on paper. With a background in product marketing and luxury goods, Coco now leads product design, marketing, and trend-tracking at BINIBINI.