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Meet the TOTE-ALL™

Ditch your duffle. The TOTE-ALL™ - our first patented handbag, is our stylish solution to staying out all day and night.Find your keys, whip out a credit card, store your gym clothes, slot your laptop into a padded partition, even pop a different pair of shoes in the left side pocket. Whether you’re taking a red-eye or spending a full day of running around the city, the TOTE-ALL™ can hold it all. 

We have some ideas for what goes in each pocket, but they’re only suggestions; use your TOTE-ALL™ to carry anything and everything you need for the subway, the school-run, the office, the plane, or the beach.

Stay out all day

BINIBINI makes accessories for commuters, gym-goers, moms, business travelers, and everyone who needs to carry their lives in their handbags every day. 

Our first patented handbag – the TOTE-ALL™ – is durable, useful, and designed to complement your outfit rather than ruin it.


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TOTE-ALL™ Leather - Black


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TOTE-ALL™ Leather - Cherry


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TOTE-ALL™ Leather - Cream


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