Pumpkin, Spice, and Everything Nice

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Spook season is just around the corner so, have you thought of a style you’ll go for this year? No worries Binibini Babes, we got you covered! (literally). We are introducing Binibini Scarves & here are some outfit ideas you can easily do with it on Halloween. Get ready to channel your crafty side and slide through these outfits.

Dress to kill

Who can go wrong with the very classy undead look? I mean, go ahead and glam up this look with a few toilet papers. Resourcefulness is a skill to master for this one! Maybe you can drape some of your scrap cloths and of course—scarves! It's your time to be spooky and pretty at the same time. A good make-up look will go a long way.

Halloween Win Queen


Why not go extra while portraying the fashion guru herself—Cruella! The idea of the extremes is for sure. The fun part is you can go trick or treat with your fur baby with this outfit. (Just don't bring 101 of them!) Step up the Halloween game with this mischief mistress. Spice up your inner "de vil" and hit the streets like the runway, mix and match.

Sleigh Slay


Why not get a hold of two events at once? Well yes, you can get the best of both seasons. The ultimate Holiday-Halloween mash-up, no other than "The Grinch"! Bet you can give your spin with this look, an outrageous splash of colors. Mink lashes and faux coats are the way to go. If the grinch stole the holidays, you'll be the one stealing Halloween!



Time travel everyone, go ahead and make a poppin' entrance like no other! A simple dress-up will do and this is a good head turner. Get your polaroids ready, hats, pretty dresses, pearl earrings, a scarf—and the iconic umbrella. (Girl scout alert you're ready whatever weather will be on Halloween!) Retro, never goes out of style.

Cozy Bossy


Channel your inner boss with Ms. Daphne from Scooby-Doo. The very famous green scarf and sassiness of Daphne will surely get you every treat you can ever dream of this pumpkin season. Strut your inner ghost hunting skills while being cute. Maybe you can also ask your friends to dress up like the rest of the Scooby gang! Not to mention, you should 

Now, which Halloween costume are you going for this spooky season? We would love to hear from you! As a reminder Binibini Babes, whatever style you will go for this season, make sure you are comfortable and feel as special and fabulous as you are! Stay in style and hop into your PJs with our Binibini Scarves and Tees after a long tiring trick or treating, just relax! 

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