Summer, Weddings, and My Very Own Special Day

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As June rolls around, summer's warmth wraps around us, signaling the start of wedding season. The air carries the sweet scents of flowers, fresh grass, and the salty sea breeze, bringing back memories of my own wedding day.

Thinking about wedding season always takes me back to my own special day, not too long ago. It was a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments. One of the highlights was my bespoke wedding dress, designed by the renowned Filipino designer Michael Leyva. His attention to detail and artistry transformed my dream dress into reality, enveloping me in intricate lace, delicate beading, and an elegant silhouette. 

Looking back, I can't help but wish I had my own brand at the time. My pearl capiz bag would have been the perfect addition to my bridal ensemble. Even though I missed out on that chance, knowing that I can now offer this beautiful accessory to other brides fills me with joy.

Running BINIBINI has been incredibly rewarding, especially in connecting with our customers. I enjoy chatting with them, hearing their stories, and understanding what they're looking for. Many of them at this time of the year are on the hunt for the perfect bag to take to a friend's or family member's wedding. Each purchase is more than just buying an accessory—it's about being a part of a special moment in their lives. I'm fortunate to have brides-to-be as clients as well. Hearing their stories and seeing how our bags fit into their wedding plans is truly fulfilling.

June is truly a special month for us at BINIBINI. Our bamboo bags, with their natural elegance and summery vibe, have become a hit among wedding guests. Their lightweight design and unique texture make them perfect for outdoor and beach weddings, matching the laid-back yet classy feel of summer celebrations.

For brides-to-be, our pearl capiz bags are a popular choice. There's something timeless and dreamy about pearls that fits perfectly with the bridal look. The soft shine and intricate craftsmanship of our pearl bags add a touch of luxury and romance to any wedding outfit. It warms my heart to know that many brides choose our pearl bags to make their big day even more special.

As we embrace the warmth and joy of summer, we also celebrate the love and connection that weddings bring. Whether you're attending as a guest or saying "I do" as a bride, these moments are all about love and happiness. Here's to a summer filled with new beginnings and unforgettable memories.


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