The Ultimate Marsupial : How do women carry everything in one hand?

Posted by Ely Mata on

It is not something new to see a woman carry a handful of things in one hand―may it be their purse, phone, or even their favorite go-to drink. Nevertheless, it is something to be fascinated about. How is it possible that a woman can carry that much all at once? Some say it is because jeans tailored for women have been sewn in a shallow manner by nature, and yet women were able to adapt to that struggle and had gained the ultimate power to single-handedly carry everything in one hand.

It is funny to think how women make it look easy to carry around these many things. Here to debunk the long-existing myth that one has to carry multiple bags to look fashionable is BINIBINI New York’s TOTE-all. It is not a chunk bulk and a struggle to carry around wherever you go, plus it screams runway ready all along. 

All in all, we have to disagree with Marilyn Monroe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend―she might have forgotten that bags existed. Well, that is another story to tell. As memes and conspiracy theories continue to paint the dullest days with bright ideas, there will always be a way to let people be curious about something. The truth is, fashion is not about choosing between what is fashionable and what is comfortable; rather genuine fashion has the power to combine style and comfort in one. So, next time you see someone carrying their lives in their hand―go ahead and tell them about BINIBINI New York’s TOTE-all, guaranteed you gave a friend a helping hand.

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