Leather you like it or not—FACT or BLUFF: Five things you should know about leather bag care.

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When was the last time you gave yourself time off from your busy life? Oh, I guess it’s been a while when you think about it. City life is at a fast pace and often, no one has the time to chill and relax. Dropping by your favorite coffee shop early in the morning and staying up late to finish a report that is due the next day basically sums up a day in the city and it is indeed stressful. The city life never runs out of days to hustle and when it gets out of hand it can be a huge struggle—imagine spilling coffee on your favorite go-to bag!

Don’t wrinkle up your faces just yet, for here is a list of tips on how to take care of your favorite leather bag. Let’s start debunking—are these FACTS or BLUFFS:

Leather bags are difficult to maintain- BLUFF

Definitely not true! This is a common misconception about leather products. Leather can be delicate to handle but it is not difficult to maintain. You have to be equipped with the right knowledge and tools to take care of your leather bag. Cleaning leather is as easy as it can be because leather is proven to be durable—you won’t break a sweat.


You can use petroleum jelly to maintain its shine- FACT

Consider it as the best life hack, an addition to the wonders petroleum jelly has to offer us! Using an ample amount of petroleum jelly will bring your favorite leather bag a shiny, shimmering, splendid finish. Petroleum jelly is known for its moisturizing properties, it will not only help maintain your bag’s shine but it will also remove scratches and enhance its natural color.


You can use cloth to wipe off stains- BLUFF

False alert! It is a big bluff. Carelessly choosing a cloth to wipe off stains in your bag can be a potential threat in maintaining the quality of your leather bag. The safest way to go for cleaning is using wet wipes—baby wipes because treat your bag like a baby! Microfiber cloths can be an alternative too since it is delicate enough to avoid causing unwanted abrasions.


Do not rub stains- FACT 

Just like wiping off excess make-up on our faces, rubbing stains off a leather bag is challenging. You do not want to make the staining worse—scattering all over your bag! Use gentle blotting motions when cleaning your leather bag. This will prevent unwanted staining and friction that can cause wrinkled leather.


Spot test before cleaning the entire bag- FACT

“Test the waters!” as the saying goes— spot test when cleaning your leather bag. Just like trying new hair colors, it is important to spot test the cleaning agents we use for our bags. A safe option would be to use natural cleaners like mild soap and a sprinkle of lukewarm water.

When we take care of things it will last a lifetime, the same goes for maintaining the elegance and beauty of our beloved leather bags. Treat your leather bags like your own skin; it may age over time but it will age like a fine wine if we take good care of it.

Leather is one of the top choices of material when it comes to bags. It is because of its durability and elegance. You won’t be worrying about getting out of style, anything leather is a classic. Just keep in mind that to achieve long-lasting beauty you must learn to effectively care for it. Let me ask you now when was the last time you took a break? Treat yourself today—get that beauty sleep, a movie night, or maybe a new bag? Binibini New York is the place to go for the best handbags in town—don’t think twice, this is not a bluff!


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