We Share Because We Care: The Secret for All Things About Bags

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Do you ever wonder what your bag will say if only it could talk? Will your bag thank you for taking good care of them or would it say “thank you, next”?

Every good thing lasts a lifetime if you take care of it, so it goes the same way with your bags. The idea is to create a loving relationship between you and your “bestie bag”. A token of appreciation for your go-to buddy that carries all your things all day—from your water bottle, umbrella, or shoes maybe! It wouldn't take a lot to get a load off your favorite bag, it needs some detoxifying and decluttering too! 

Here are some life-changing tips that will help level up your bag knowledge game:

  1. Just the Essentials

The first step towards achieving a chaotic-free bag is knowing your priorities, what to be inside your bag and what shouldn’t be. You decide on what are the essentials. It’s not only your bag that can benefit from this one, it’s also for your own good! Phew, you wouldn't want to feel like you’re carrying a block of rocks around because of unnecessary goodies right? Keep what is needed and leave out those that are not—declutter well!


2. All Aboard

Now that you have a lot more space than usual, go ahead and start organizing. Set up certain parts of your bags for every category you may need: sanitary, beauty, office, etc. The key is to sort things out to avoid feeling stressed out when you need to look for something in your bag. You do not need to go through the hassle and struggles of rummaging for your keys or pen anymore. Just stay committed to keeping your things in place and you are ready to go! 


   3. Keep it Squeaky Clean

Cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness! It is not enough that you have a well-organized bag. It is with an emphasis that you should always keep it clean and sanitized most especially in times like this, we're still in a pandemic! Know how your bags should be cleaned and taken care of. Different bags with varying materials, just like skin, require a certain type of cleaning method—be knowledgeable about what care your bag needs: cotton, canvas, or leather. 

  4. It’s a Matter of Choice

What is the perfect bag for you and how will it help you with your everyday errands? Your bag is like your best friend and you must consider what type of bag you need. Consider style and comfort, get the most out of everything through your bag choice. A spacious bag would be the ultimate solution for hassle-free daily living—get a bag that is durable and can do it all. Bestie, I tell you there's such a bag and yes it goes by the name TOTE-ALL exclusively from Binibini New York. 


Now that you are prepared and equipped with the knowledge on how to handle your “bestie bag” you are ready to conquer your everyday life stress-free, hassle-free, and haggard-free!

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