Hue are You: What is the Perfect Binibini New York Bag for You?

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Have you ever been asked one of the most famous get-to-know questions before,“what is your favorite color?”. It is a good ice breaker and it also gives us a window into someone's personality. At most, it is how people are represented—by what their personalities are. One's way of expressing themselves is through the choice of food they eat, what influences their style, their favorite genre of music, movies, and the arts. Just like any other reflection of one's identity—colors play a huge role in the way personality is presented in society. 

A few things you should know about BINIBINI New York’s color palette; the colors of all seasons from winter, spring, fall, and summer! 

“I wanted to choose classic and elegant colors for my handbags—colors that will elevate the look of anyone carrying it,” Ms. Ely Mata, founder of BINIBINI New York. The colors were patterned and inspired by New York City life.

Here we get a glimpse of the stories behind BINIBINI’s colors, let us look into the kaleidoscope and explore the color spectrum.


The TOTE-ALL™ Black
is a true black, to go with anything in your closet.

Call it the staple color, a must-have for all occasions—just like your shiny or matte black stilettos. The color black is considered the classic of colors. Unlike any other color, black uniquely possesses the essence of reflecting a full spectrum of emotions at once. Black, is often referred to as the color of sophistication, elegance, and universally flattering. 

Black is the Hue for you if: YOU ARE THE GO GETTER
—you dream for it and work for it.
-you give off a strong and powerful aura
-you are unapologetic and empowered

Best Season:

-it’s for all season and all occasions you don’t have to think twice

Inspired By: 

-The fierce, edgy, unstoppable women of today


The TOTE-ALL™ Nude is a soft white with pink undertones, for a fresh and clean look. 

According to the American Associated Press, the cream color is a shade between the lighter color of sand and dark champagne. Just like black, it is a universal color to match any other color combinations. It is usually associated with a daytime look: outfit and make-up that is light and calm, relaxing, and neutral. As a part of the ivory, off-white, opaline, and milk-white color palette is a simple natural color—take it from your favorite pair of pearl necklaces and earrings.

Cream is the Hue for you if: YOU ARE CHILL DREAMER
—you are laid-back yet still get things done, you possess the beauty of the present.
-you bring out optimistic vibes
-you are a woman of pure bliss and energy

Best Season:

-it’s for all seasons as well but specifically the color for summer and spring

Inspired By: 

-The Power of Youth


The TOTE-ALL™ Cherry is a rich burgundy-red, perfect for a tasteful pop of color against black, navy, and other neutral tones


If you are out for something bold and eye-catching, cherry red is the best color suited for the job. Red is known to be the color of passion, power, and energy. It is said to be the most attractive color as it always provides an impactful entrance. Red is also referred to as the “birthday color” as a general rule, the celebrant is expected to wear vibrant red—talk about the beauty of fall foliage too; a charming scene.

Cherry is the Hue for you if: YOU ARE THE STUNNER
—you are a natural charmer, pure of passion in everything you do.
-you own the spotlight everywhere you go
-you are bold and always outstands in the crowd

Best Season:

-suited for all seasons but will surely stand out in autumn 

Inspired By: 

-The New York Central Park in Autumn

 No matter what vibes you choose to live by this summer season and the following months to come. Whether Harry Styles' watermelon sugar by the beach vibes is what you are going for, BINIBINI New York knows how to work your style from the office to the campus and onto the shores—there is nothing best suited for all your needs than BINIBINI New York’s TOTE-ALL. Stay true to the color of you, a good way to power through every day is empowering your perspective or outlook in life. Always keep in mind, nobody should be defining your style—only you are responsible for the way you radiate color confidence. 



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