The Timeless Fashion Train: The Look book Style Guide to Fashion Aesthetic

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The Timeless Fashion Train: The Look book Style Guide to Fashion Aesthetic


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On a daily grind or once in your life, you may have taken the subway—on a rush hour or a chill weekend. Sitting or standing by the subway train you encounter people from all walks of life; people of different personalities and styles. Knowing the perfect angle whenever you take your selfies probably is one of the best life hacks. But have you ever wondered or discovered your fashion aesthetic? A combination of comfort and style, learning how to dress up and accessorize will not only challenge your inner creativity but also lets you explore the world of fashion and make you feel confident and empowered. There is no one-way ticket in successfully rocking out an outfit but the journey along the trail will truly make you own your style. 

Here is a game-changer we got you covered, for we are about to track down some of the best ways to earn your way in the fashion scene. What is your fashion aesthetic—let’s find out!


Retro Renegade

If you feel like you would cop the Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, and Elvis Presley feel—then the retro era of fashion is the way to go. Dominated by hairsprays, pearls, laces, bows, and ties; This is the style for the old fashion at heart—finish off your outfit with a leather coat or jacket and you are good to dance the night away at a swing dance party.

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Disco Jam

The days of the disco frenzy, high-waisted flared pants and synthesizers. If you prefer strutting the streets in this outfit then no doubt you are a part of the disco aesthetics. Add spice to your look by carrying a leather purse and wear a leather belt. At any time of the day, you will surely be a head-turner.

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Happy Hippies

It’s the bohemian vibes topped with the flower power days, a style mover of the century. The look is distinctively edgy and outrageous. If you feel like going for the summer girl look—a range of vibrant to earth-toned dresses it is the style for you. Ankle leather boots are the cherry on top of this whole outfit that gives the look a good aura.

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Glitz and Glam

Talk about the girl that is admired by many, Oh for sure the campus crush. If you are the “it girl” 90’s chick then this is your style. Mini skirts, crop tops, and thigh high leather boots—not to mention extra shimmer and glitters! This is the type of “who’s that girl?” fashion; it definitely makes a spotlight entrance everywhere you go. The ice cream topper for this sweet outfit is a gorgeous leather handbag or purse, don’t forget to add the scrunchies too!

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Great Grunge

This style screams band shirts and buckled leather boots! If you feel like rocking this style you are a grunge type of chick. This look stands out of the crowd for you, get the edge out of everyone else. Anything leather is the bestie for this style—may it be the boots, the bag or the skirt! Darker shades and tones are a must to complete the grunge look.

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Toned Down

It is the revolution of fashion, as the trend for minimalism had taken storm. If you like wearing anything slick and laid back but at the same time makes it in style—you are indeed a minimalist dresser! A distinct character of this fashion style is its simplicity, following nude shades and earth tones. The highlight of the look is your go-to leather bag!

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 It is true that the fashion world is continuously evolving over time and has already given us a spectrum of choices to acknowledge our own style. In contemporary times, choose style and comfort whenever you dress up and accessorize—get a heads up on what the weather or the occasion will be so you will always be ready. Fashion and its concepts are open and are boundless. Do not be afraid to mix and match, own the way you dress; also be mindful of what materials your outfits and accessories are made up of. It is best to choose a staple accessory to compliment your outfit and nothing else suits you best than a timeless leather bag. Go ahead and check yours at Binibini New York; guaranteed it will be a lifetime treasure. 

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